Todays wedding is in the form of Beth and Simon’s nature filled day from Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags and the Arches.

So sometimes you meet a couple and they say they love nature then I met Beth and Simon. The kind of couple that consider an 8 mile walk a meander and who spend their spare time travelling through the country in their campervan, they genuinely love the outdoors, although what else would you expect from a Yorkshire bred couple and a farmers daughter?

It came as no surprise then when they spoke to me about getting married at Gibson Mill, it has the beauty of being an indoor venue but because of the large windows that frame the old textile mill, the surrounding woodland and the abundance of water and greenery you immediately feel like you are outside.

Even when we went for an initial Recce Beth spoke to me animatedly about the bracken she wanted to explore on the day, not a care in the world about the muddy ground underneath.

Every detail of Beth and Simons day was considered, from the morning preparation cottage nestled up on the edge of the National Trust Park, to the Camper to drive them around, down to the flowers, the dress, the suit and the Macramé, so much Macramé (kindly made by Beths dad’s Partner)

Beth chose to get ready up in a remote cottage overlooking the beautiful view with her bridal party and then her dad to accompany her down the aisle. Once the dress (WOW!) veil and head dress were firmly in place it was time for Beth and her dad to head to the venue in their vintage VW.

Arriving at the venue on what can only be described as a miraculously dry, sunny day in the Calder valley, the sun was pouring into the intimate venue, casting amazing shadows over the handpicked seasonal flowers, their guests and more importantly a slightly pallid Simon.

Once Beth had quite literally beamed down the aisle and colour had returned to Simons face it was time to kick off the ceremony. Opting for their own vows the couple breezed through the legal bits with only one awkward pause to ‘force’ Simons ring on, tears were shed, cheers were made and Beth and Simon made their way outside into the sun for some much needed fizz and a few moments alone.

With guests pouring out of the mill and collecting on the bridge the couple were greeted with a confetti tunnel before heading onto the lawn overlooking the river. Drinks were flowing and Beth and Simon had a great chilled time catching up with their friends and family in the sun.

After an hour in the sun most guests started to filter back to the cow trailer that Beths brother had kindly cleaned up to ferry people the 1 mile down the track. In the meantime I whisked Beth and Simon away to get their portraits in the woodland and the surrounding landscape. The great thing about Beth and Simons day is they opted for an early wedding meaning their day was so chilled and they could socialise without rushing anywhere.

With their guests on route to The Arches for the reception I followed Beth and Simon in their VW camper which was ace in itself but made even better when the driver pulled over for them to jump out and get some portraits over Beth’s home town.

Arriving at the arches their guests were greeted with Pimms and a photobooth which made for hours of entertaining. After Milling around with their guests for a little while the dinner and speeches began, both the food and speeches reflected Beth and Simon so well and there were a lot of tears and equal amounts of laughter in the room.

A friend made them their wedding cake which was an epic tiered semi naked cake, with that sliced, the first dance was underway just as the sun was starting to dip behind the hills, Beth and Simon danced away to Sister Sledge Thinking of You with a couple of confetti cannons thrown in for good measure.

Much more drinking was to be undertaken, lots more pictures to be had in the photobooth and lots more dancing. It really was such a beautiful day for an ace couple.

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